Welcome to Insight Coaching

Insight Coaching is a partnership of professional coaches, based in London and Brussels, and active throughout Europe.  We work with senior executives, managing directors and other professionals occupying, or seeking, substantively challenging roles.

Based on our extensive personal experience, clear thinking and insightful approach, we support our clients to solve problems, to enhance performance and to achieve top results, both for themselves and for their organisations.  We help our clients to address strategic, interpersonal and leadership issues. Our coaching is approachable, functional and insightful.

Invest to Succeed
Coaching empowers clients to develop their full potential and to maximise success.  The investment in coaching serves to benefit the client, their organisation and their customers.  The cost of investing in coaching will typically produce wide ranging positive returns and therefore makes excellent business sense.

The relationship between the client and the coach is both collaborative and confidential.  Coaches provide an additional source of advice and have the advantage of being independent of internal organisational politics.  Coaching is no luxury, but a state of the art tool to enhance performance.

Bespoke and Collaborative
Nevertheless, working with an executive coach is a highly personalised undertaking in which the quality of the professional relationship between coach and client is crucial.  For this reason no website or company brand name can reliably indicate what the coaching experience will really be like for any given client.

We recommend that any professional seeking Executive Coaching should seek one-off meetings with several prospective coaches.  This should enable the clients to judge for themselves whether the individuals concerned are likely to gel and be able to work together productively.

The following pages provide an outline of the services we offer.  Feel free to contact us for an initial discussion of your requirements.


'Creative ideas reside in people's minds, but are trapped by fear for rejection. 
Create a judgment-free environment and you'll unleash a torrent of creativity.'

Alex Osborne